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Woman Known As “Valentine Sally” Identified After Nearly 40 Years

A woman that was found dead nearly 40 years ago near Williams has been identified. Coconino County Sheriff’s officials say the body of a 17-year-old female discovered On February 14th, 1982. She was commonly referred to as “Valentine Sally” and has been identified as Carolyn Eaton of St. Louis, Missouri. Her body was found on the north side of Interstate-40 west of Williams. Withi Information obtained from a search of a missing persons database, detectives were able to locate potential family members of Carolyn, obtain DNA samples from them, and confirm the identity of the body as Carolyn. Identification of unidentified victims is a difficult and lengthy process and can be costly to agencies looking to identify victims of crimes. Recent breakthroughs in DNA technology have allowed law enforcement agencies to identify victims, as well as suspects in cold cases. Detectives also traveled to the St. Louis area to interview family members. It was found that they had a sibling who ran away from home around Christmas time in 1981. Detectives were able to retrieve DNA samples from relatives, which matched the DNA profile from “Valentine Sally” and were able to positively identify her. The investigation into what happened to her continues. The case is being investigated as a homicide and there are currently no suspects.