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Winslow Man Arrested In New Mexico After Buying A Corvette With A Stolen Identity

A Winslow man has been arrested after buying a sports car using a stolen identity. An investigation by the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General found the 31-year-old arranged to have the victim’s signature forged on the vehicle’s documents. Cepi took the victim’s information and bought a Corvette at a dealership in Flagstaff. A few weeks after Randall Cepi bought the car, the victim received insurance and loan information for the Corvette. She contacted ADOT about what she received and an investigation started immediately. Cepi gathered the victim’s information after she bought a truck at a Winslow dealership where he worked. After getting wind that authorities were looking for him, Cepi left the Corvette at the Winslow dealership and vanished. He was arrested last week at a car dealership in Gallup, New Mexico where he was working. Cepi is being extradited back to Arizona to face charges of fraud schemes and forgery, theft of means of transportation and taking the identity of another.