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Verde Valley S.W.A.T. Assist Cottonwood Police Department in Arresting Suspect With Firearm

Cottonwood Police Officers responded to multiple shots fired on the 900 block of South 4th Street Sunday night. When arriving on the scene, officers found a woman in pajamas with no shoes claiming someone was chasing her with a gun. Officers took the woman back to Cottonwood Police Department to ask questions, and were able to identify the suspect as 58-year-old Cottonwood resident, Clint Piper. Officers discovered it was a domestic dispute involving Piper and the woman, who is allegedly his girlfriend. They also discovered there was another man who lives with the couple and was also physically assaulted and threatened with a gun. Officers arrived at the house where Piper opened the front door, then proceeded to slam the door shut and load a round into a shotgun before holding the shotgun outside of the door at the officers. Verde Valley S.W.A.T. was deployed as officers set up a safety perimeter around the residence. Piper finally came outside, but still refused to follow commands. S.W.A.T. operators released a non-lethal shotgun to assist in the arrest. Piper sustained minor injuries and is booked in the Yavapai County Detention Center in Camp Verde. He has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Threatening or Intimidating and Disorderly Conduct with a Deadly Weapon. Both the roommate and girlfriend of Piper were reportedly found safe.