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Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Censured And Removed From Committees Wednesday Over An Animated Video

The U.S. House of Representatives censured Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and removed him from the House Oversight and Reform Committee, as well as the Natural Resource Committee Wednesday. The House voted 223-207 in favor of the resolution. Gosar serves on the oversight committee with New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She and President Biden were the subject of video animation that Gosar tweeted out recently that depicted killing Ocasio-Cortez. Gosar eventually took the video down. During the hearing, Ocasio-Cortez said “this is not about me, this is not about Representative Gosar, this is about what we are willing to accept.” She adds she has seen many members of the House talk about the “illusion that this was just a joke.” He has said the anime depicted the real life battle taking place along the southern border. Gosar said at the hearing “there is no threat in the cartoon, except for the threat that illegal immigration poses on our country.” He adds, “no threat was intended by my staff, or me.” The censure is only the third time in the last 40 years that a member of the House has been censured. The last was Democrat Charlie Rangel in 2010 for violating House ethics rules. Two Republicans voted for the censure, while one Republican voted “present,” which means the vote didn’t go either way.