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Two Brothers Arrested For Passing Counterfeit Money In Cottonwood

R) David Poe
R) David Poe

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Two brothers were arrested Thursday for passing counterfeit money at several Cottonwood businesses. Cottonwood Police officers were called to a business in the 400-block of South Main Street on a report of a man who tried to pass a fake $100 bill. As an officer was investigating that report, another business in the 500-block of South Main Street called to report two men trying to pass another fake $100 bill. One of the men matched the description of the one who passed the first bill. While officers were trying to find the men, there were three more reports of the men trying to use the fake money. Police say 39-year-old Josh Kenneth Poe and his brother, 44-year-old David Ray Poe, both from Cottonwood, were found in the 300-block of South Main Street. A fake $100 bill was found in Josh’s possession. He told officers he knew the money was fake, but he and his brother are homeless and they were trying to buy food. The Poes were arrested and charged with several felonies related to possessing and attempting to pass counterfeit money.