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Three Arrested In Connection With A Protest Saturday In Flagstaff

Three people were arrested in connection with a protest in downtown Flagstaff Saturday. Police say at around 4 p.m., a group of around 100 people gathered at Franklin and San Francisco. At around 5 p.m. the group marched through the southside neighborhood, in the roadway, toward downtown. The group then marched onto West Route 66 from City Hall and blocked both directions of travel from West Route 66 to South Milton Road. As the group approached the train tracks on South San Francisco, a SUV stopped in the intersection of East Route 66 and North San Francisco. The driver, 51-year-old James Kleinhenz of Flagstaff, began to “flip off” the protest crowd with both hands as they approached, prompting the crowd to surround the vehicle. Protesters opened the vehicle and started to remove items from it, including the keys and James’s cell phone. One protester, a juvenile, broke the phone with his skateboard and the keys and phone were thrown on the roof on a nearby building. Witnesses, say James got out of the SUV with a handgun at his side, which was quickly taken by officers. Protesters reportedly threw eggs and at least one large rock at the vehicle, while also attempting to break the windows. The SUV was eventually towed away. Kleinhenz was arrested for driving while impaired to the slightest degree and driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. Police also arrested the juvenile for felony criminal damage and 24-year-old Taymond Tolthe. Tolthe was charged with third degree burglary, criminal damage, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. The investigation is ongoing, If anyone has information on the incident, contact Flagstaff Police at (928) 774-1414.