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The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon National Park Goes To Mandatory Water Conservation Measures

The Grand Canyon National Park is installing mandatory water conservation measures due to diminished water resources and storage on the South Rim. This measure is a reversal from earlier this week when water restrictions were lifted, as park managers have learned that storage tanks on the rim are not refilling at a sustainable rate. Water conservation measures require all park residents and visitors to conserve and reduce water usage wherever possible in homes, hotel rooms, and at the campgrounds. Conservation measures require that all concessions operations switch to disposable dishes and utensils; alter menus to use less water for food prep and dish washing; adopt low water use for hotel room cleaning; and serve drinking water at restaurants by request only. Though the Park has entered water restrictions, park staff continue to encourage frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds using soap and water to prevent the spread of disease. For more information log on to the park’s website.