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The Navajo Nation Is Getting Tougher With Its Curfew And Shelter In Place Orders

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez is getting tougher with members and businesses not adhering to the curfew and the “shelter in place” order. Navajo Police chief Phillip Francisco says police will start giving out citations for those not compliant with the orders. He says people be cited for violating “the shelter in place order, the curfew order and there’s also a restriction of tourists visiting the Nation.” Francisco also says “we are enforcing the compliances to our businesses to the order.” Nez told members that if non-essential business continues to stay open, during curfew hours, it won’t last long. Nez said: “Starting today warnings won’t be given.” He adds: “the Navajo Nation has the authority to shut you down.” The tribal president also says “if you are leaving the Navajo Nation, expect to be waiting in line when you come back.” He adds “if you don’t want to wait in line to take your temperature or to check your credentials, then stay on the Navajo Nation.” There have been 270 positive tests of COVID-19 on the reservation so far.