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The Force Is With Bookmans Flagstaff After Rare Discovery

pic courtesy of Mark Hamill's twitter
pic courtesy of Mark Hamill's twitter

The Bookmans store in Flagstaff is garnering attention for something they did for a Jedi Master. Bookmans recently received a vinyl album of the original Star Wars soundtrack, signed by composer John Williams. Williams wrote it to actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga. The message said “Dear Mark Hamill: May The Force always be with us. John Williams. Bookmans didn’t sell it, they sent it back to the actor. Hamill tweeted last week that he “hadn’t seen it since the early 90s.” He went on to say “I’m so grateful to them and hope you consider spending lots and lots of money at their store.” In return, Hamill signed a DVD of the original Star Wars and sent it to them out of gratitude.