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The Flagstaff City Council Talked Possible Ballot Measures And Downtown Parking Tuesday

The Flagstaff City Council met Tuesday evening to vote to advance potential future ballot measures, particularly in regard to housing. Among the proposed ballot measures were changes to taxes and bond capacity and recommendations to maximize affordable housing, sustainability and open space. The potential housing ballot measure is designed to increase affordable housing, create stability for low income residents and revitalize neighborhoods. The Housing Commission presented a vision of a “healthy, affordable, livable and walkable” Flagstaff. Prioritized projects include supporting existing housing, creating new, affordable households or developments and redevelopment of city-owned properties. Each of these projects come with sticker prices between two-and-ten million dollars. A seven-million-dollar bond for a purchase assistance program was proposed, as well. All prioritized items would cost $30 million in total. Dozens of Flagstaffians were present to express their thoughts on the ballot measures. Council will move the measures forward and identify an election consultant to begin community surveys. Council also discussed parking as it pertains to the Downtown Vision and Action Plan, which is intended to make downtown more cohesive. The conversation focused on zoning development opportunities, potential for redevelopment and local business development and support in the downtown area. The discussion will continue at future council meetings.

Written by Scout Erhler.