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The Flagstaff City Council Discusses Filling Vice Mayor Daggett’s Vacancy As She Runs for Mayor

To prepare for Vice Mayor Becky Daggett’s intention to run for mayor, the Flagstaff City Council discussed the process of filling her position on Tuesday. Daggett’s anticipated resignation date is April 4th. At this time the council will have 31 days to fill her position. An appointment to do so must be made on or before May 5th. Historically, the council has required interested individuals to submit their applications with a letter of interest and answers to a questionnaire. Following this, the council has reviewed applications individually and has held a special meeting in which applicants are required to provide an introduction of themselves and why they wish to serve on the council. At this point, the council typically meets in an executive session to narrow the application pool to decide who they want to move forward in the process. Currently the council hopes to require applicants to provide a letter of interest and a resume and answer a questionnaire of no more than six questions. The council does not wish to allow applications from candidates who submitted petitions to run for council in November. Additionally, the council wishes to hold a meeting in which applicants introduce themselves. The application deadline is April 20th. Next week the council will approve the revised application process.

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