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The Flagstaff City Council Discussed The Proposed Rehab Center, A Proposed Single Family Subdivision And More Tuesday

The Flagstaff City Council met Tuesday afternoon to discuss a variety of items on the agenda. Council discussed a zoning change for what will be a new rehabilitation center on Highway 89 in east Flagstaff. The original motion for approval passed unanimously two weeks ago. Council decided to delay a final decision on the ordinances that will annex and rezone the land needed for the project. Council decided on a 5-2 vote to delay final decision for eleven weeks, so more time can be given to work on the development agreement. Council also discussed the consideration and approval of a preliminary plat brought located at 13-hundred West Lower Coconino Avenue, which is the location of a single family subdivision that was already rezoned in 2010. The plat was up for approval under the condition that it meet estate residential zone standards of density, lot design and size, and resource protection. Council maintained that the road will be accessible to the public and that there will be a minimum setback of 15 feet for front-loaded garages and ten feet for side-loaded garages. It was originally approved on December 20th and the motion was carried unanimously at the meeting on Tuesday. Also council discussed Mayor Deasy’s Future Agenda Item Request of the painting of a rainbow-colored pedestrian crosswalk. Deasy said “I think it would be a great way to show our support, show our encouragement, of a more inclusive future and a more inclusive city,” Deasy suggests painting the crosswalk from Wheeler Park to City Hall on June 1st in recognition of Pride month. The item will be placed on a future council agenda after getting the necessary council support.

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