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The Flagstaff City Council Discussed Ranked Choice Voting At Tuesday’s Work Session

Flagstaff City Council

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The Flagstaff City Council discussed several charter amendments at Tuesday’s work session. Since 1958, the Flagstaff Charter has been amended eight times, most recently in 2015. The committee discussed whether the City of Flagstaff should have one or two elections. Several claimed that having only one would save the city money. Ranked choice voting, which happens when voters rank local candidates on who they want to win the election, was also discussed. Voter Choice Arizona team member Kathy Knecht claimed that this variety of voting saves taxpayers money, reduces negative campaigning, and spares citizens from being bombarded with advertisements during campaign season. The council mentioned tentatively holding a special election for considerations for public outreach in November of 2023. The priorities of this meeting will be ranked choice voting as well as signature requirements and leadership restrictions for those running in local elections. Some council members were intrigued by ranked choice voting, while others claimed that lowering the amount of required signatures would result in candidates that aren’t as high quality. At this time, a candidate must have 16-hundred signatures to run for city council, which is the highest number of signatures required by any city in Arizona.

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