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The Flagstaff City Council Awards Mobile Response Contract To Terros, To Help Take The Load Off Of Police And Fire Officials


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The Flagstaff City Council awarded a professional services contract with Terros Tuesday, to fund a Mobile Alternative Response Team for three years with the ability to renew up to two successive one year terms. Council agreed back in April to fund an “alternate response model” to help take some of the work load off the shoulders of firefighters and police officers. Flagstaff Police Chief Dan Musselman told council Tuesday, “what we are hoping that goes away are the calls from the citizens saying “hey, Wheeler Park is being overrun with intoxicants we need you guys out here to do something.” We’re hoping those types of calls go away with the Mobile ART.” He adds, “ultimately it should reduce our calls by five-to-ten percent.” The model would redirect calls regarding public intoxication, substance use and mental or behavioral health needs, to the model, or in this case Terros, instead of sending law enforcement to the call. City officials say in 2020, there were just over nine-thousand calls for police and fire service that fell into these categories. An RFP went out in February that returned four proposals. Terros Health’s proposal was the winning proposal for the project. The response team will consist of one behavioral health professional, one firefighter EMT and joint training for other Terros members. The program will cost the city over $2.5-million dollars over five years, starting with funding of nearly $415-thousand in year one.