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The Flagstaff City Council Agrees To Allow Nestle Purina To Conduct Further Odor Mitigation Work

The Flagstaff City Council met Tuesday evening to discuss a contract between the city and Nestle Purina, as well as the Mogollon property plan. A 2003 development agreement between Flagstaff and Nestle Purina contained an odor mitigation project, which resulted in 44-percent odor reduction from the Purina factory on the East side of town. Moving forward, Nestle Purina plans to bring odor reduction up to 50-percent. If Nestle Purina chooses to pay a $400-thousand dollar property tax, they will have no obligation to improve the odor. Council supports their decision to pursue further odor reduction. The motion was passed unanimously, allowing Nestle Purina to adopt the fifth amendment of their contract and go forward with further odor mitigation. The Mogollon property, which used to function as a public works yard and is located near Thorpe Park, was considered by council to determine future plans for the land. Several buildings have been removed, but some still stand and maintenance is ongoing. After a discussion on numerous considerations, the council decided to readdress the topic at a future meeting.

Story written by KAFF News’ Scout Ehrler