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The City Of Flagstaff Is Hosting A Public Meeting For The Butler-Fourth Improvements Project October 18th

The City of Flagstaff is hosting a public meeting for the Butler-Fourth Improvements project Wednesday, October 18th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Flagstaff Aquaplex located at 1702 North Fourth Street. Members of the public are invited to learn about the project, its expected impacts, and to ask questions and offer comments on preliminary design. The project consists of widening present-day Butler Avenue from Little America to Sinagua Heights Subdivision and widening present-day Fourth Street from Warm Springs Trail/Sparrow Avenue to the upcoming Canyon Del Rio development south of Butler Avenue. Several intersections, new and existing, will be impacted along Butler Avenue. The Herold Ranch Road intersection will be re-aligned and converted to a roundabout. The Butler Avenue and Fourth Street intersection will consider a roundabout versus signalized intersection and will be raised to reduce flooding impacts from the Spruce Avenue Wash. Multi-modal transportation options will be supported through the use of off-street bike lanes and sidewalks within the project limits. For more information about the project, log onto flagstaff.az.gov/4898.