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Southside Community Plan Discussed At Tuesday’s Flagstaff City Council Work Session

The Flagstaff City Council held a work session Tuesday evening to discuss proposed updates to the city code and review the Southside Community Specific Plan. During public participation, Mayor Coral Evans extended recognition to Nicole Dougherty and Alyssa Williams, Flagstaff High School students and winners of the 2019 Vans Custom Culture design competition. The Southside Community plan underwent its 60-day review. This review transitions the plan into the adoption phase. The plan proposes incorporation of industrial housing in urban areas to maximize space on the Southside of town. The need for a flood control project was stressed. Without the completion of flood control, the city will not be able to protect the character of small residential areas, ensure the safety of bikers or provide other community needs. A proposed FUTS trail behind O’Leary Street was up for debate among council. Numerous other issues like limited parking and lack of public park space were included in the plan. Public review of the plan is open until February 4th. The updated Flagstaff Water Resources Master Plan strives to implement water management strategies that satisfy local water demands and develop a sustainable water budget. Alternatives such as more wells, expansion of the reclaimed water system and increased conservation were recommended. A final report is set to be completed in March 2021.

Written by KAFF News’ Scout Erhler