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Small Fire Starts Right Behind The Flagstaff Police And Coconino County Sheriff’s Building In Flagstaff Sunday

photo courtesy of KAFF Newsie Kathy.
photo courtesy of KAFF Newsie Kathy.

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A small fire started directly behind the Flagstaff Police and Coconino County Sheriff’s building Sunday night in Flagstaff. The fire was noticed late in the afternoon in the Sinclair Wash area right off the Arizona Trail between the trail and the complex. Witnesses tell KAFF News the fire stayed low to the ground and was in an area that had been cleaned so there was very little fuel to burn. Flagstaff Fire crews held the fire to around a quarter-of-an-acre. Remember we are under a Red Flag Warning until Monday at 8 p.m. A simple spark could lead to a major wildfire in minutes. If you see smoke, call 9-1-1.