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Report: Man Who Was Wrongfully Arrested By Flagstaff Police Is Suing The City Of Flagstaff

(left to right) Tremayne's father, attorney Gary Pearlmutter, Tremayne Nez, attorney Wendy White.)

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A man, who Flagstaff Police say was wrongfully accused and arrested during “Operation Riptide,” back in 2019, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the City of Flagstaff. The “Associated Press” reports Tremayne Nez sent a “notice of claim” to the city for $350-thousand dollars back in December. The city reportedly had until this week to respond and didn’t. Nez was arrested on June 18th of 2019 at his home on a warrant on drug charges. He was in jail for 30 hours before his family posted bail. Flagstaff Police issued a statement after his release, apologizing to Nez saying he had been “incorrectly identified as having sold drugs.” Nez’s attorney Gary Pearlmutter said after the incident that Treymane was accused of selling LSD to an informant in April of 2019. He also says the person authorities were looking for was named “Trevor.” According to police, the person they were looking for that night, was arrested on charges Nez was arrested for. “AP” reports the lawsuit is seeking $350-thousand dollars in compensatory damages, which is the same amount they asked for in the notice of claim.