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Report: Authors Of Minimum Wage Report Terminates Contract With City Of Flagstaff

The author of a controversial report on Flagstaff’s minimum wage law has reportedly cancels the contract with the city. Jim Rounds, president of the Rounds Consulting Group, reportedly sent a letter to the city Friday saying the company would deliver preliminary findings and then terminate the contract. Rounds told the “Arizona Daily Sun” the council had a “significant number of defamatory statements against me (Rounds) and my firm that were not based on facts.” The report has been under a lot of debate by the public and council after the group was linked to the Goldwater Institute, which is a conservative group in Phoenix. Rounds told the paper in regards to some of the councilmembers’ statements against the group, they needed to stop making the comments and just “shut up.” Vice Mayor Adam Shimoni tells KAFF News: “I”m glad it’s over.” He adds “we have had enough division around this topic and the way we move forward needs to be done very carefully and with intention. Shimoni says “the public needs to be at the table and we must do this together as one community.” The group was contracted by the city to do the work for $44,500. The “Daily Sun” reports the city will only be charged $39,900 for the work done.