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Prescott Valley Residents Still Receiving Scam Calls

Residents of Prescott Valley are still getting hit with scam calls. Police have received calls recently of a person on the other line, identifying himself using a legitimate name of an officer of the Prescott Valley Police Department. He then tells the victim, they have multiple warrants out for their arrest, but they can handle it one of several ways. They could appear in court to take care of them, or they can bring cash to the police department, or pay the amount to the caller. The caller then leaves a number that, should you call it, has been programmed to identify as a member of the Prescott Valley Police Department. Remember: Police Departments will never call members of the community to solicit donations from private citizens for any reason. If you receive a call from one of the scammers, do not give them any personal information, including bank account or credit card numbers. If you receive one of these calls, it’s okay to answer it. When you determine it’s a scam, hang up the phone. Anyone with any questions should call the Prescott Valley Police Department at (928) 772-9267.