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Prescott Valley Police Warn Residents Of A New Scam

Prescott Valley Police are warning residents of a new scam involving people posing as APS workers. Suspects are calling citizens with APS numbers that come up on caller ID so they will answer. Scammers tell those on the line they need to call a certain number to discuss their bill. When customers do, they are told their account is delinquent. Customers are then asked to pay amounts that are a little high, but still within reason. APS officials say they will never call unless there is an emergency and always conduct business by mail. To protect yourself from scammers, ask questions of them. You can also hang up and call the number on the ID if you’re not sure. Also, if you are asked to pay by a pre-paid card or “Green Dot” card, it’s a scam. For more information, or to register a complaint, call Prescott Valley Police at (928) 772-9267.