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Prescott Valley Police Reminds The Public Of The Dangers Of Debit Card Fraud

The Prescott Valley Police Department recently received a report of debit card fraud where the victim’s card number was stolen and used to purchase over one-thousand dollars worth of merchandise online. The victim’s bank would only refund 50-percent of the loss. The Crime Prevention Unit reminds the public of the many risks in using a debit card for online purchases. Reports show in 2020, 25-percent of online consumers reported incidences of debit card fraud. Debit cards are harder to get reimbursed for, rather than a credit card due to federal laws requiring financial institutions to give back most, if not all, of the lost money. To minimize the risk of debit card fraud, use a credit card whenever possible, especially online, and keep your belongings in a safe place so nothing gets stolen. If you’ve been a victim of debit card fraud, contact Prescott Valley Police Department at (928)-772-9267.