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Prescott Valley Police Investigating Another Fraud Scheme

The Prescott Valley Police Department is investigating another report of a fraud scheme related to the victim’s social security number. A 71-year-old victim reported receiving a phone call last week during which the caller identified himself as an “agent” with the Social Security Administration. The “agent” told the victim that the victim’s social security number was being used throughout the state of Texas. The “agent” then told the victim he would need to send ten-thousand dollars in cash, by mail to an address in California, to put an immediate stop to the misuse. The victim sent the money. Shortly thereafter, the victim feared he may have been the victim of a scam and contacted police. Detectives immediately began investigating the case in hopes of intercepting the package in California. The investigation is continuing. Police remind residents the Social Security Administration will not call you. They will correspond by mail. If you feel like you are being scammed, hang up and contact police.