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Prescott Valley Man Uses Patience In An Online Sale That Ended Up Being A Scam

A Prescott Valley man was proactive recently as a person tried to scam him over the sale of his recreational vehicle online. Police say the man was trying to sell the vehicle on the online sale site, RV Trader. He was contacted by a person posing as Lawrence Kruger from Muskegon, Michigan, who wanted to buy the vehicle. The suspect sent a check for $68-thousand dollars, which was eight-thousand more than what he was asking for. The suspect sent follow-up emails apologizing for the overage and told the man to return the amount of overpayment. The man noticed the check that was sent was missing information on the check’s face, like the bank’s phone number. He called the bank directly to see if the check was legit. Bank officials said the check was not valid and they have received several fraudulent checks written by a “Lawrence Kruger.” The man went right to police for help. Authorities urge citizens to take time and review all the information before depositing a large check. For more information or questions, call your local police department.