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Prescott Police Chief Debra Black Hit With A Fraudulent Check Scam

Prescott Police are warning the public about an increase in fraud schemes and similar crimes. One of the scams is the fake check scam and it happened to Prescott Police Chief Debra Black. She received an overnight Fed Ex package containing a fraudulent cashier’s check in the amount of $26,980.23. Investigators quickly determined the check was a counterfeit. The scam works when a person receives the check. They are then told to use part of the funds to pay some sort of fee, taxes, charges, etc. to a third party. The victim is assured they can keep most of the check for whatever the transaction is involved. Days later, the victim discovers the check bounced at the bank and they are now liable for the full amount of the check and any money they returned to the scammer or spent themselves. Police say don’t accept a check from someone you don’t know, don’t wire or send money to people you don’t know, never cash a check you’re not expecting, always verify a check’s validity, never provide personal information and tear up the check and throw it away. For more information on current frauds and prevention methods, log onto ftc.gov.