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Prescott Getting Unwanted Attention Due To Signs At A Gas Station


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Signs at a Prescott gas station are getting a lot of attention, and not in a good way for Prescott. A recent report by “ABC-15” spotlighted the signs at the business off White Spar Road. The sign recently celebrated “White Pride Month in March” and had a derogatory statement about President Biden. The City of Prescott condemned the signs saying “we absolutely reject the message on the sign and similar rhetoric.” Mayor Greg Mengarelli says he found the messages offensive and not a reflection of Prescott. However, the city says what’s on the signs is protected by the First Amendment, regardless of how offensive it is. “ABC-15” says the store lost its U-Haul affiliation Wednesday and the owner fired the employee behind putting the messages on the signs. The city made the gas station move the signs from the city sidewalk to their property because it violated city code.