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Northern Arizona Healthcare Facilities Seeing A Surge In COVID-19 Patients

pic courtesy of Northern Arizona Health Care

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Northern Arizona Healthcare facilities are seeing a surge of COVID-19 patients, but both Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center say they are not in a critical stage yet. As of Thursday morning, FMC had 50 COVID-positive patients of the 218 that are in the hospital. Verde Valley Medical Center has 26 COVID-positive patients with 67 patients total. FMC and Verde Valley continue to take in surge line patients from other areas of the state. FMC Chief Administrative Officer Josh Tinkle says “this last week we took in seven or eight patients from Yuma to help with the surge that’s happening down there like they helped us when we went through that in April and May.” As for elective surgeries, both hospitals continue to do them, but it’s a day-to-day basis on how many get done. As for the near future, officials think we are seeing the Thanksgiving surge now, but the worse may be yet to come due to the Christmas holiday. FMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Derek Feuquay says “what we are all worried about is that week or two weeks after the holidays, that’s the time where we could really see a lot of new patients.” Health officials remind everyone to wear masks in public, social distance and wash your hands through the day.