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Northern Arizona Healthcare Announces New Hospital To Be Built At Fort Tuthill

Northern Arizona Healthcare will be expanding its property at Fort Tuthill to include a new 700-thousand square-foot hospital, ambulatory services and a future Health and Wellness Village.  NAH made the announcement and delivered zoning documents to the City of Flagstaff Friday. The ambulatory clinic could open by late 2023, with the hospital slated for opening in 2026.  When the new hospital opens, the current facility will close.  When that happens, NAH vice president of construction and real estate development Steve Eiss says they will work with the city in regards to the property.  Eiss says “our current plans is to integrate ourselves with the City of Flagstaff general plan update process.”  He adds, “we volunteered ourselves to participate in that procees to help guide the city with their community needs and make sure we are able to redevelop that property after it’s closed into something meaningful for the city.”  The new campus will be highly accessible to all members of the community, capitalizing on neighboring developments and amenities.  The complex will be located on 190 acres just north of Fort Tuthill County Park and just to the west of Interstate-17.  Officials say the current campus has served well and also offers some significant challenges and restrictions to NAH’s ability to further prepare for the next generation of healthcare needs. These restrictions and needs have been brought even more to light in the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.  NAH plans to involve community members, neighbors and others in the development process and will socialize the vision for the community during meetings this summer. The construction of the large project is expected to bring jobs and additional revenue to the city.

To listen to today’s announcement of the new facility with NAH President and CEO Flo Spyro, NAH Chief Operating Officer Josh Tinkle and Vice President of Construction and Real Estate Development Steve Eiss, click here: