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Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Denies Suit That Would Give An Election Extension For Navajos

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out a lawsuit that would have given the Navajo Nation ten extra days after Election Day to count ballots mailed from tribal members living on the reservation. A three-judge panel ruled unanimously Thursday that allegations brought on by six members of the tribe saying, because mail service on the reservation is much slower and less accessible than other parts of the state, their ballots may not get to be counted. In a statement, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said: “We understand and recognize the unique circumstances addressed by the plaintiffs, but what they are asking for would be difficult to implement this close to an election. Based on the disparities some communities face in this state, we are ensuring that they are aware of the options they have for voting in this election.” Election officials say to vote early if you can, especially if you live in a remote area.