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Netflix Scam Hitting Prescott Valley Residents

The Prescott Valley Police Department is warning residents of a false email from “Netflix” that has hit several people in the area. In the email there’s a link in which they can update their payment information. A screen will display where they are being asked to submit their debit card information. Upon entry of the debit card information, another screen is displayed asking for their social security number and their mother’s maiden name. At this point, the victim’s personal information has been compromised. The suspects will access the victim’s account within minutes and immediately begin transferring money before the victim is able to contact the bank and suspend the account. Police are advising citizens that if you receive an email from Netflix, Google, Apple or any other subscription service that you do not click on any link provided in the email, regardless of how legitimate it looks. If you believe that your payment information may need to be updated, go the official website yourself and access your account using your username and password. If anyone has any questions, contact Prescott Valley Police at (928) 772-9261.