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Navajo Nation Calls Washington “Redskins” Name Change “Historic.”

The Navajo Nation has released a statement on the announcement the Washington Redskins are changing their nickname and logo. The Redskins made the rumored announcement official Monday morning that they are retiring the mascot name and the logo after pressure from indigenous groups, as well as sponsors of the team and stadium. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez called the announcement “historic.” He says the name “redskins” was “derived from bounty hunters, which identified Indigenous peoples by the color of their skin. Bounties were offered for the murder of Native Americans.” The team has not announced a new name or logo and there is not a time frame for such announcement. There are two high schools in Arizona that continue to use the mascot “Redskins.” Red Mesa High School, which is on the Navajo Nation and St. Johns High School in eastern Arizona that resides about 45 miles south of the Navajo reservation.