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Arizona Board Of Regents Meets Monday To Discuss Tuition Increases At NAU, ASU and Arizona

The Arizona Board of Regents is meeting Monday to hear comments regarding a possible tuition increases at Arizona’s three public universities next year, including at Northern Arizona University. President Jose Luis Cruz Rivera earlier this month they are proposing a three-and-a-half percent increase for all Flagstaff and statewide graduate and undergraduate students. NAU’s Pledge Program, which guarantees a tuition rate for four years for incoming resident undergraduate students on Flagstaff’s Mountain Campus, will remain in place. Rivera says the increase provides the sustainable resources NAU needs to “deliver high-quality academic and student support programs.” The school is also proposing a three-percent increase in residential housing rates to support increasing costs and to address building renovation needs. NAU says the rate increase ensures they are competitive with off-campus housing options. The school is also proposing a 3.9-percent increase in food prices on campus. The increase is due to increased labor costs and to enhance flexibility in meal plan options. The Board of Regents meeting will take place from three-to-five p.m. via videoconference. The Board will vote on the possible increases on April 7th.