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Minimum Wage Goes Up January First

Starting January 1st, the state’s minimum wage will go up to 12-dollars an hour in Arizona. However, in Flagstaff it means the minimum wage will go up to 13-dollars an hour. The increase stems from an ordinance passed by the voters in the November 2016 and amended by the city council in 2017, that the city’s minimum wage be a dollar more than the state’s wage. The Minimum Wage Ordinance covers all people in the city who work, or expected to work, 25 or more hours a week in any calendar year. Also under the ordinance, people who regularly and customarily receive tips or gratuities, an employer may pay tipped employees a maximum of up to three-dollars an hour less than the city’s minimum wage providing the employee earns at least the hourly minimum wage for all hours worked for each workweek. In January of 2021, Flagstaff’s minimum wage will jump to 15-dollars an hour. For more information on Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage Ordinance, log on to flagstaff.az.gov/minwage.