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MetroPlan Survey Shows City And County Residents Support Climate Change

MetroPlan recently conducted a survey of city and county residents in Flagstaff for the “Stride Forward” regional transportation plan, which showed a strong support for climate action. Over 400 city residents and nearly 300 county residents participated in the survey, showing 94-percent acknowledge that climate change is actively happening and 74-percent of people agree it needs to be addressed. Studies show transportation contributes 40-percent to greenhouse gas emissions, which is the largest source in Flagstaff’s Carbon Neutrality Plan. The survey also breaks down reports on transportation use and values. Researchers put together a diagram showing that residents have a desire to decrease travel by car by 26-percent, shifting their main transportation to biking, public transit, and walking. The “Stride Forward” commitment will be completed by October of 2022 and will direct transportation investments for the next 20 years.