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Mayor Deasy: “Should We Have Stage One Fire Restrictions At All Times?” Forest Officials Say Fire Restrictions Exist

Is it time to have a discussion on when fire restrictions should be put into effect?, or are year around fire restrictions already in effect?  Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy was on KAFF Country 93.5/AM 930 Thursday morning and says it’s time to take a deep dive on the topic.  He says “what I would like for us to re-evaluate is, should we have Stage One restrictions at all times during the year?”  Stage One allows for open flame in your backyards, but not in public areas.  Deasy adds, “I think it’s time to rethink this and I know we’re all kind of thinking it as well, but we have to adapt in different ways.”  Coconino National Forest officials say fire restrictions are actually in place year round in large swaths of land surrounding Flagstaff , and have been for a while now.  The area where the Tunnel Fire started is in one of these areas.  There are two forest orders that cover these areas, which you can find on the Coconino National Forest website.

To see the first forest order, click here:   (map at the end)

To see the second forest order, click here:    (map at the end)