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Mask Wearing Is Mandatory In The City Of Flagstaff Starting Saturday

The wearing of masks will be mandatory in public places within the City of Flagstaff starting Saturday night at 8 p.m. and will continue until further notice. The Emergency Proclamation will continue until repealed or revised by the Mayor or authority is preempted by Governor Ducey. According to the proclamation, “public places” means any place the public is allowed, including but not limited to businesses and outdoor spaces. It also includes, but not limited to bars, restaurants, theaters, libraries, museums, gyms, fitness centers, grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, nursing homes, shelters, etc. However, the proclamation says each person ages five and older must wear a face covering when in a public place in the city, except when able to maintain adequate social distancing, when a person can’t wear a mask because of a medical, mental or developmental disability. No proof of a medical order or directive is required, except an employer may require such documentation from an employee. Also there is an exception when a person’s religious beliefs prevent the person from wearing a face covering and when a person is eating or drinking in a public place. Also an exception is possible under OSHA requirements and standards and when a person is in a setting where it’s not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, like when swimming, receiving or rendering emergency, medical or dental service or treatments. Enforcement of this proclamation shall focus first on education and providing guidance issued by the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services to promote the health and safety as well as to further contain the spread of COVID-19. Individuals shall also be given an opportunity to comply with the proclamation before any enforcement action is taken. Continued failure to comply with an emergency proclamation is a misdemeanor. Private businesses and venues shall enforce this proclamation by asking any person failing to comply with the emergency proclamation to leave their premises. Business owners are not liable for members of the public who are in violation of this proclamation and refuse to leave their establishment when asked.