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Man Arrested After He Tossed Fentanyl Pills During A Traffic Stop

Marshall, Alex Maurice

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A man was arrested after he tossed nearly 300 fentanyl pills out of his vehicle during a traffic stop Monday morning on Interstate-17 near Cordes Junction. Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over a silver colored four door Kia Sedan driving southbound on I-17 without a license plate. When the driver noticed the deputy, he started to change lanes and tried to duck out of view. As he came to a stop, the driver then started throwing things out of the passenger window. The deputy talked to the driver, Alex Marshall, and found out his license was suspended. Upon a search of the car, the deputy found nearly $600 in cash folded into individual amounts and held together with hair ties. Deputies also found a drug pipe with meth residue. Outside the passenger window, deputies found four separate plastic baggies, each containing fentanyl pills. Marshall was arrested and booked on drug charges.