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Help Needed With A Volunteer Effort To Help Staff At Flagstaff Medical Center

A call out for volunteers is being made as Flagstaff Medical Center is reportedly getting short on medical gowns as they work with patients in the ongoing battle with COVID-19. Staff at FMC are currently going through around two-thousand gowns a day, or just over one per minute. A volunteer group is meeting Monday through Friday this week at Sinagua Middle School, to make gowns for employees at FMC. They are looking for people who can cut and sew and they need scissors, velcro, sewing machines, elastic and synthetic thread. Organizers say everyone will be spread out and it’s okay if people bring a mask or gloves. If you are not comfortable staying at the school, you can pick up fabric and materials, after noon, and sew from home. The group will start at 8 a.m. and signs will be posted on where to go. For more information, call or email Debbie at (928) 707-0610 or email her at debbie_dsb@hotmail.com.