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Governor Ducey Reminds Arizona Residents To Do Their Part In Preventing Wildfires

Governor Ducey

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Governor Doug Ducey, along with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, are reminding Arizona residents to be prepared and do their part in preventing wildfires. Last year, more than 525-thousand acres of land across Arizona burned from over 17-hundred wildfires. Arizona residents are asked to do their part by creating a defensible space around your home, putting all campfires out and making sure they are cool to the touch before leaving, securing tow chains to confirm they aren’t dragging, and double-checking the weather before outdoor fire activities. In March of 2021, Ducey signed the Arizona Healthy Forest Initiative, which utilizes low-risk inmates to control vegetation that can cause a wildfire. This program is thought to be a “win-win” since forests will be healthier and inmates will have a new set of skills that will help with future employment after being released. Ducey is aware of the immediate threat that fire poses to a community, and wants to do everything possible to reduce it. He states, “Temperatures are creeping back up, and that means Arizona faces a heightened risk of wildfires.” He adds, “At the state level, we’re going to do all we can to protect Arizonans and try to mitigate any lasting damage to our communities.”