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Gas Prices Have Leveled Off For Now, Triple-A Unsure If Reserve Oil Release Will Do Much At The Pumps

The price of gas has leveled off over the last week, with prices possibly going down as the U.S. releases a million barrels a day from its reserves. However, Triple-A Arizona spokesman Aldo Vazquez says it’s too early to tell if the release from the strategic reserves will do much. He says as long as oil prices stay high, so will prices at the pump. “The cost of crude oil remains still pretty high,” Vazquez says. “It’s been fluctuating, but it’s been staying at the $110 per barrel area.” Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas in the state is $4.66 a gallon which is nearly two-cents lower from last week. In Flagstaff, the average price of gas is unchanged from last week at $4.79 a gallon. In Prescott, the average price of gas is $4.66 a gallon this week, which is also unchanged from last week.