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Gas Prices Down A Little At The Pumps, But Could See A Larger Drop Soon


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The average price of gas in Arizona is starting to inch downward. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas is down a cent to $3.09 a gallon this week. Triple-A spokesman Aldo Vazquez says “growing stock levels and cheaper crude oil prices are putting a downward pressure on pump prices for the majority of motorists.” He adds, “these are positive signs that less expensive gas prices could be around the corner.” Vazquez adds, however, it isn’t enough to signal a steady trend yet. Refinery utilization rose to 82-percent this week, which Vazquez says could mean even larger gasoline supply in the coming weeks. Higher supply translates to lower prices at the pump as demand will increase the closer we get to the summer months. In Flagstaff, the average price of gas is up a cent this week to $3.18 a gallon. In Prescott gas is down two cents a gallon this week to $3.09 a gallon. Some stations in both cities are selling gas for $2.99 a gallon and lower.