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Gas Prices Continue To Climb In Arizona

Gas prices continue their rise in Arizona. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of gas in the state is up just over two-cents a gallon to $3.65 this week. Spokesman Aldo Vazquez says a variety of things are leading to higher gas prices. He says, “winter weather and geopolitical tensions are helping drive are driving the price of oil, which is in the low-$90 a barrel, which is nearly $30 more than what it was in August.” He adds, “the concern that Russia will react to sanctions by withholding crude oil from the already tight global market puts heavy upward pressure on the price of gasoline.” Vazquez expects we will see gas prices above three-dollars a gallon until the latter half of 2022. In Flagstaff, the average price of gas was unchanged from a week ago, staying at $3.79 a gallon. In west Flagstaff, gas can be found for $3.75 and lower, while on the eastside, gas can be found for $3.49 and lower. In Prescott, gas prices are up over three-and-a-half cents a gallon this week to $3.57 a gallon. Some stations are selling gas for $3.50 and lower.