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Gas Prices Continue Its Decline As Demand Remains Low And The Price Of Crude Oil Continues To Drop

Gas prices are remaining on a downward trend this week. Triple-A Arizona says the average price of regular gas this week is down 11-cents a gallon to $4.06 on average. The average price of diesel has fallen below five dollars a gallon to $4.95, which is a change of six-cents a gallon from a week ago. Triple-A spokesman John Treanor says two factors are carrying the decline. He says, “mainly because of demand and the price or crude (oil) is back down into the mid-90s right now and that has continued to fall as well as global demand for oil has dropped.” In Flagstaff, the average price of regular gas is down ten-cents this week to $4.34 a gallon. Some stations are selling gas for $4.19 and lower. Diesel gas is down over five-cents a gallon to $5.09 on average this week. In Prescott, the price of regular gas fell over 15-cents a gallon this week on average to $4.24 a gallon. Diesel gas is down nearly eight-cents a gallon to $5.08.