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Gas And Diesel Prices Continue To Rise In Arizona


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Gas prices continue to rise.  Triple-A Arizona says the price of gas is $4.72 a gallon on average, which is over seven-cents a gallon more than last week.  Diesel in Arizona is up nearly three-cents a gallon on average from last week to $5.47 a gallon.  Triple-A Arizona spokesman Aldo Vazquez says he doesn’t see prices getting lower anytime soon.  He says “we expect these prices will continue to fluctuate, and likely fluctuate in the upward direction, so unfortunately for travelers we can anticipate higher gas prices for quite some time.”  Crude oil prices remain high at over $105 a barrel on average last week, which is keeping prices high.  Diesel prices remain high due to a 30-year low in supplies and analysts fear a diesel shortage may be declared eventually.  In Flagstaff, gas prices are up almost three-cents a gallon from a week ago as they sit at $4.76 a gallon.  Diesel prices in Flagstaff are up nearly five-cents a gallon from last week to $5.59 a gallon on average.  In Prescott, the price of gas is up just over a cent from last week to $4.64 a gallon.  Diesel in Prescott is unchanged from a week ago and sits at $5.48 a gallon.