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Four Wells Of Prescott Valley’s Water Tests Positive For PFAS Chemicals

After the City of Prescott announced in July that it had shut down two of its wells near the Prescott Airport because of positive tests for PFAS chemicals, Prescott Valley tested 25 wells. Four of the wells tested have come back positive for having measureable amounts of the chemicals in the water. The town also tested its influent and effluent flows at the water treatment plant, with positive results. The town retested the four wells and it came back positive again. The chemicals are commonly found in some grease-resistant paper such as in fast-food containers, pizza boxes, stain resistant coatings, water resistant clothing, some cleaning and personal care products, paint products, and aqueous firefighting foams. Prescott Valley will follow up with a plan for further action that includes consulting with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Town Council and an ADEQ representative will conduct a study session on the PFAS issue on Thursday, Sept. 8, 3 p.m., at the Prescott Valley Public Library Auditorium. The public is welcome.