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Four Arrested In A Drug Ring In Cottonwood

Left to Right: Stone, Calhoun, Dubuque, bottom row Deems.
Left to Right: Stone, Calhoun, Dubuque, bottom row Deems.

A Cottonwood motel room recently served as a staging area to sell drugs. Detectives from the Partner’s Against Narcotics Trafficking Task Force recently received information that 28-year-old Moriah Calhoun from Sedona was involved in the use and sale of meth and heroin, along with Joel Deems. Authorities went to the motel in the 800 block of South Main Street in Cottonwood last Thursday. Cottonwood Police pulled over a car leaving the motel in the early evening hours. Three people were in the car, including Calhoun, 40-year-old Jason Stone and 27-year-old Nicholas Dubuque, both from Cottonwood. A K9 searched the car and found a “Monster” drink can that was being used to hide 20 grams of heroin. Dubuque had a syringe with heroin residue and a smoke tube with fentanyl residue. When officers entered the motel room, Deems was inside and he was detained. All four suspects were booked on drug charges related to the investigation. Stone, Calhoun and Deems are being held without bond. Dubuque was released pending further investigation.