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Four Arrested After An Argument Turns Into Assaults On Police Officers

Four people were arrested Saturday night after an argument turned into an assault on two Prescott Police officers. Officers responded to the 100 block of North Montezuma Street at around 9:34 p.m. regarding a report of a disorderly woman in a wedding dress, who had just attempted to assault an employee from a local business. A short time later, officers located the woman on North Cortez Street and made contact with her, as well as a group of others who appeared to be arguing. As an officer contacted the group, 32-year-old Eric Cordova from Chino Valley became verbally aggressive toward the officer and acted like he was going to physically assault the officer. As the officer attempted to restrain Cordova, he resisted and they both fell to the ground. During the struggle, others in the group began assaulting the officer in apparent attempts to prevent Cordova’s arrest. Another officer arrived and had to physically remove people from the officer as he was trying to gain control of Cordova. During the struggle, 30-year-old Ashley Jordan, also from Chino Valley, hit an officer in the face with her hand and pushed another officer. Jordan was the woman the call was initially involving. Apparently, she and Cordova got married earlier in the day. Several more officers arrived and got the scene under control. Jordan and Cordova were arrested, along with 31-year-old Dustin Trout of Tempe and 25-year-old Amos Puckett of Nevada. Cordova, Jordan and Trout were charged with aggravated assault on a police officer as well as resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. Puckett was charged with just obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. Two officers received minor injuries as a result of the assaults.