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Flagstaff’s Bronze Medalist Molly Seidel Battled Obstacles That Led To Her The Olympics

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An Olympic medalist is back home in Flagstaff, for now. Molly Seidel won the bronze medal in the Women’s Olympic Marathon last week in Japan and returned home earlier this week. Seidel is from Wisconsin but now calls Flagstaff and Boston home. She won 12 state titles in high school and won four national championships in college at Notre Dame. In college, she battled mental illness, which led to an eating disorder. She skipped the 2016 Olympic trials to get treatment and get healthy. In her first-ever marathon in 2020, Seidel finished second in the Olympic trials in Atlanta and qualified for the Tokyo Games. She said she ran the race to actually try and qualify for the 10,000-meters, but ended up qualifying for the marathon instead. Seidel says she’s in a perfect situation in Flagstaff. She says “I’m utterly convinced that Flagstaff is the best altitude training location in the world for distance athletes.” She adds, “7,000-feet is in the perfect zone, it’s high enough where you get that perfect blood boost, but it’s not so high where you can’t train hard and train well. I love getting to call Flagstaff home.” During the Olympic marathon, when the third place runner left the race and she was now in third, and in the medals, at that point she says “I was praying to myself, please help me hang on now. I would have crawled across that finish line if I needed to.” Seidel says she has a busy schedule coming up in the next few years, but fully plans to make a run at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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