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Flagstaff Works Crews Battled The Elements And Mechanical Issues To Clear Roads

The Thanksgiving snowstorm brought more than a foot of snow to areas in and around Flagstaff, with some snowfall rates three-to-four inches an hour at times. The rapid amount of snow, coupled with the kind of snow it was, took a toll on equipment used to clear snow from the roads in the city. City of Flagstaff Public Works Director Andy Bertelsen told KAFF News the snow was so thick and wet it was causing problems. He said “with the wet, heavy storm we had a ton of blown hydrolics, we had a couple of trucks overheat, we lost some radiators and had broken plow blades” all due to the conditions. He says mechanics worked 24 hour shifts to keep the equipment they had on the road. Bertelsen says the city, Coconino County and ADOT, all chipped in to help each other when one entity needed it. The main focus was to keep the highways and main arteries clear, then equipment headed into the neighborhoods. Bertlesen says there is no order of importance when it comes to neighborhood streets, just depends on the conditions and the functioning of the equipment. He does say they are in need of workers in the public works department. If anyone is interested, log onto the city’s website and apply for a position.